Finding Recital Zen: 9 Quick Preparation Tips

Finding Recital Zen: 9 Quick Preparation Tips

It's recital time come Sunday in our studio. 

Here are a few guidelines for getting prepared: 

  1. Keep listening to your piece 
  2. Practice a bow, taking a seat, adjusting the bench if necessary, breathing, a tall back, and "floating" onto the keyboard (essentially everything except the piece!) 
  3. Play Scramble so the performer can start at every section easily and effortlessly 
  4. Practice RH only
  5. Practice LH only
  6. Distraction Testing - make sure the student is so well prepared, they can undergo a distraction test 
  7. Play with a blindfold - yes, students should be able to play their piece by heart so much so, that they can play with a blindfold 
  8. Drill the parts that need work, but also drill the parts that are going well 
  9. Reflect on what is going well and celebrate the small accomplishments