Delancey's 2nd Piano Recital Video

Delancey's dad made this YouTube video of her 2nd recital and it is wonderful. 

Delancey performs "Lightly Row" one of the first pieces in Book 1. Please scroll below for a list of some of the most important techniques we work on during the first year of study. 

Delancey had studied piano for one year. As you will see evidence from in this video, we focus on the following skills over the first year of lessons:

  • arm weight
  • body balance 
  • "floating" on and off the piano (a wonderfully theatrical float is demonstrated at the end) 
  • strong fingers 
  • producing a clear sound 
  • beginning lessons in counting and rhythm 
  • focus 
  • stage presence 
  • bow 
  • feeling comfortable performing for others