Our New Studio: First Glance

DAS STUDIO: Pre-Renovation Photos

We're thrilled to finally have all the papers signed for our Graz music studio. The space includes a kitchen, entry hallway, and two studios. Studio A will be used for small concerts, workshops, a bit of teaching, group classes and lounging. Studio B will be used for tech/audio/design/computer work and Musikal Husky team meetings!


  • Big, bright natural lighting 
  • Windows in every room 
  • Large kitchen area 
  • LOCATION!!! (nestled in between Schumanngasse and Beethovenstrasse, 1 block from the music conservatory - Kunst Uni)
  • Studio A floors - bright, beautiful wood beams 
  • Open Layout, circular feel 
  • White Marble in bathroom spaces 
  • Huge amount of work space (a welcome change from the South Pasadena bungalow) 
  • Views from every room of orange tiled roofs and green vines :) 

There is absolutely love so much about the new space. However, we know that with some simple modifications, it could be even nicer. So we're currently underway with a renovation that will focus on the kitchen, hallway, and studio B. 


I truly believe that working and living in a beautiful, minimalist space leads to greater functioning on all levels. Less clutter = space to focus on what you really need to be doing; minimal design = less distractions; openness = opportunity to grow, to be, to expand. 

We'll keep you posted on the renovations, though I'm sure it will "look worse before it looks better" for the next 3 weeks! For now, hope you enjoy the 'before' pictures of this magical space!