Obsessed with Slovenia

Obsessed with Slovenia


We thought we had moved to the most beautiful country in the world until we drove into Slovenia... 





  • Not as warm as Austrians
  • Much warmer than Croatians
  • Wonderful food, but not the same standards as Austria
  • I'm still not sure if white wine spritzers are a thing
  • Astounding beauty  
  • Astounding wood piling skills, some appear to even have patterned designs. We wonder if there is a pedagogy course for this within families (at the wood cutting festival, we find out there actually IS)



The melania question...

It becomes rather mind-boggling that anyone would leave this beautiful country for America, let alone Trump Tower. Over lunch, we discussed this with the waitress. "There are different kinds of people everywhere. And there are girls, I've even met some, who care about men with the money," she cheerfully philosophized. I asked her where she thought the degradation of soul started. Could it be here in Slovenia? I noted that I believed if the American president had a stronger, more intelligent and better hearted wife, perhaps he would not say and do so many hurtful things. She shrugged. "Here, we have the same problems. People in politics run everything. I think the people behind [the trumps] are more dangerous. He just does these things to make us forget what is really happening." 



The Wellness SPa 

I am a big believer in self-care. This is why at every teacher talk I give, I actually have a slide that begins with, "SPA DAYS." Giving yourself time to rest is so crucial to all work. While resting is nice everywhere, it is especially nice at a dedicated place. 



 Wood Cutting Festival & Svinjski Kvintet

Steve found out about a local festival, which involved some music and a lot of wood carving. This was a unique experience for me. Steve said his grandfather had spoken about these and told him that if he worked hard enough cutting wood, he could one day aspire to compete in such an event. 

It was difficult to follow what was happening in the wood cutting competitions. At points, large men ran around the streets with axes, apparantly following some sort of course unknown to us. At other times, a calm and collected energy filled the town as 6 competitors carved beautiful sculptures. 

After these events came the party. A band called the Svinjski Kvintet played. It was truly remarkable to see such young players play with such good rhythmic sense, sing with gorgeous harmonies, and perform with the type of preparedness and confidence you would expect of a band decades older. 

The teacher part of me could not resist telling them at a break that they were doing a great job. This led to them dedicating a song to us, and us dancing a (probably tragic) waltz in front of the entire town.

A very special day and evening, indeed.

Quote of the day: "I've never bought beer from a child before." - Steve