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Studio Hygge: A Collective Oath

Samantha SteitzComment
Studio Hygge: A Collective Oath
Hygge is essentially drama-free togetherness time. It is cozying around or “at hygge sig,” but more than that, it is being aware that that cozy time is sacred—and treating it as such. Because Danes see hygge as such a fundamental aspect of good living, they all work together to make it happen. Hygge is “we time,” not “me time.
— Jessica Alexander, published by the Greater Good Magazine on October 27, 2015

I first read about creating a "Hygge Oath" in The Danish Way of Parenting. The concept is simple: lay out some general rules that will contribute to good energy. These will be different for every situation and every family. For instance, Steve and I have a Sunday Hygge Oath at home. One of these is simply not to discuss any work! This helps us use the day to rest and prep for the busy week ahead. 

I have written a Hygge Oath for our music studio, a workplace not only for us, but for the students, families and our co-workers. Having this list posted on the wall will help us all remember the Everyday Magic that can and will occur if we all follow the hygge code. 

studio hygge code

  1. No media in the piano room aside from note-taking laptop 
  2. Create a warm environment: Candles, warm socks, tea, and comfortable space 
  3. Make a conscious effort to help others 
  4. Leave all drama and ego at the door
  5. Focus on teamwork and "we" mentality
  6. Empower each other with supportive comments 
  7. Reframe negative statements to focus on the positives 
  8. Play games and cooperate as a group
  9. Smile and actively relax
  10. Focus earnestly on excellence that will enable future success

If you'd like to read more about hygge and how to create it, take a look at Jessica Alexander's article here.